How To Put Your Cash Flow On Auto Pilot

As you buy properties using my three techniques of you will need to determine whether you want to sell them for CASH only or for TERMS, meaning with a loan which you carry back. Ideally you will find that you want to do a combination of both techniques.But before I get into the sales portion of this here is a refresher on my three methods to buy properties for pennies on the dollar:1. Tax Lien Sales, where you buy a Tax Lien on properties unlikely to be redeemed and then foreclose on the lien once the state statues allow you to.2. Tax Deeds Sales, you buy a property outright at Tax Deed Sale.3. My favorite method: My personal Direct Investment Method, where you buy tax delinquent properties directly from the often long time owners for pennies on the dollar outside of the auctions and sometimes years before these properties come up for auction.Once you have the properties you are probably looking to sell them so you can actually realize the profits you have made when buying.In order to optimize your Cash Flow and put it on Auto Pilot here are some guidelines:Take the properties you paid more than usual for and sell them for cash. You want to get your capital right back plus some and then reinvest that amount.Cheap properties on the contrary, where the spread between purchase price and Sale price is LARGE are IDEAL candidates for Term sales, because you might recover your purchase price with the down payment alone or with the down payment and a few monthly payments and then the rest is profits.Do a combination of both transaction types, Cash sales and Term Sales to get cash in and build upTake some HIGH VALUE properties for which you only paid 20%-30% of market value and sell them for CASH (no financing). This should bring you multiple of your investment in CASH.Then take that what you initially invested and buy another one of those high profit properties.
Take what’s left over and buy a lot of smaller lower value properties which you can literally pick up at a few hundred dollars each and sell for a few thousand each ON TERMS WITH FINANCING and a low down payment (of a few hundred dollars).And then enjoy receiving checks in the mail, first one then a few and soon enough you can scale this to have dozens and even hundreds of checks coming your way each month on property you owe nothing on and which you sell for a multiple of what it is worth.

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