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Online Computer Games – Showing a Marked Improvement in Quality

Online computer games represent video games played on a computer network on a video game console or a PC. You have computer games in their most basic form, relying on text-based environments to those massively multiplayer online games with virtual worlds, played simultaneously by a horde of players. The amazing popularity of the online games has increased to such an extent as to promote even online communities.The most common online games are:
Console Gaming like Xbox 360
First Person Shooter programs like “Deathmatch” where several players involve in gory battle scenes
Real Time Strategy programs using a local network to play multiplayer games
Cross Platform Online Play showcased online gaming’s expansion, with games like PlayStation 2 and Nitendo Cube
MUDs represent mainly text-based multi-user real-time virtual worlds
Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) used the benefits of the broadband Internet to allow thousands of players to take part in a game at the same time.
Most reputed online games fall under the administrative jurisdiction of EULA or the End User License Agreement, as part of online governance. Failure to follow their charter will invite unpleasant consequences. Bad behavior in the form of harassment and cyber-bullying during the game and in chat, are common features of these games.Recent research indicates that online video games have a part to play in improving the player’s brain. The whiz kids are on a regular hunt to find how every small nuance in the online game could affect the player’s behavior, awareness and skills. Many researchers confirm a positive change in their overall performance and capabilities including things like improvement in their night driving. They also infer that regular online gamers improve their decision-making process by over 25 %, allow them to make faster choices and act on them four times faster than normal persons. These independent studies also showed a marked improvement in concentration and retentive capabilities.Online Computer Games have indicated some negative results in research done on young men who are playing violent games. The researchers reported that barely one week into such programs seemed to affect those parts of the young men’s brains, which controlled emotions, related to depression. Compulsive gaming has shown manifestations of obesity, depression and a tendency to become an introvert.Today, after its first appearance 41 years ago as a coin operated video game, online computer gaming has grown into a 25 billion dollar giant entertainment industry. The sales of about 260 million computer and video games in 2010 are a standing proof of its rising popularity.